In Brief
  • Biggest port in France
  • Second largest urban area in France
  • World’s top French-speaking university
  • European Capital of Culture 2013
  • European Capital of Sport 2017
Living with passion

In Marseille, life is lived with a passion. Here, everything is experienced, done, built intensely. This bustling city is steeped in history and culture, a unique heritage which it proudly defends.

Europe’s gateway to the Mediterranean, Marseille is a crossroads of cultures. The city owes its cosmopolitan character to its inhabitants: men and women proud of their roots, which they claim as their identity.

Creating opportunities

A sophisticated modern city, Marseille has managed to preserve its history and natural heritage. Its exceptional surroundings, vibrant university life and economic development make it a land of success and audacity.

To live in Marseille is to reckon on the goodwill and ambition of an outward-looking region, strategically located less than an hour from Europe’s major cities and looking onto the Mediterranean.

It has big ambitions, written in capital letters.

European capital

To pursue its metropolitan aspirations, Marseille has implemented an extensive transformation programme.

  • Building renovation and regeneration of urban areas
  • Development transport networks (high-speed TGV rail link, airport, cruise port, commercial port)
  • Environmental protection and enhancement
  • Development of metropolitan areas

Marseille is a place of innovation, attractive and economical. Its ability to attract entrepreneurs and investors as well as new inhabitants and tourists makes it a European capital.

European Capital of Culture in 2013, European Capital of Sport in 2017, a host city candidate for the Paris 2024 Olympics, of Culture in 2013, European Capital of Sport in 2017, a host city candidate for the Paris 2024 Olympics metropolis.