A private shuttle

Domaine Vallée Verte’s private shuttle is a service open to employees, customers and visitors. Connected to the entire site, its timetable is aligned both to the local transport networks and the main strategic locations in the surrounding area (shopping centres, railway station).

From 7.27 am to 7.05 pm,
Monday to Friday, the shuttle serves seven external stops and two stops within the Domaine Vallée Verte site.
  • La Millière (BUS 40/CG13 L240)
  • La Barrasse Albert ( BUS 15/40/CG13 L240 – TRAIN)
  • Léon Bancal – St-Menet Cinéma les 3 Palmes
  • La Sablière – La Montre (BUS 12/12B/12S/50/15S)
  • Shopping Centre ( BUS 4/51/15S)
  • Centre Valentine 1
  • Domaine Vallée Verte ( Skybury – Moka and Bourbon 1)