Marseille has always occupied a strategic place within Europe: at the crossroads of the main motorway networks, it has an international airport, France’s second biggest railway station and the country’s largest cargo port.

Domaine Vallée Verte is located at the heart of a metropolis, the Euro-Mediterranean capital. A veritable hub for the region, Marseille has optimum transport infrastructure linking it to strategic points across the continent in record time!

Surrounded by the smells of Provence, you are free to drink in the peaceful, soothing atmosphere of this extraordinary place, whenever they like. A source of positive, natural energy.


Marseille, Gare TGV
  • 18 million passengers in transit
  • 1èreFrance’s number-one rail destination from Paris
  • 1 hr 30 mins from Lyon and 3 hrs from Paris
  • Freight traffic connected to the world
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Domaine Vallée Verte is:

– 15 mins from Marseille city centre, Gare Saint-Charles railway station and the ports
– 20 mins from Aix-en-Provence
– 35 mins from Marseille Provence Airport and Toulon

European neighbour

The European capitals are accessible from Marseille by road, rail or air.
The commonest destinations:

  • Barcelona: 1 hr (by air)
  • Gênes: 2 hrs (by car
  • Rome: 1 hr 20 mins (by air)
  • Paris: 1 hr (by air) / 3 hrs (by rail
  • Geneva: 45 mins (by air)
  • London: 2 hrs (by air)
  • Frankfurt: 1 hr 30 mins (by air)
Port of Marseille

Historical Mediterranean port complex,
comprising three ports:

  • An internationally competitive cargo port
  • A rapidly expanding cruise port
  • The Vieux-Port, France’s number-one marina
Marseille Provence Airport

Over 70 destinations around the world.

For business or leisure travel, the airport hub offers links to all the world’s airports, with a minimum of stopovers.